OEM solution.


We began our journey with one goal in mind: to provide a time and cost effective alternative to an inefficient and costly electronics manufacturing process.


In just 4 years, we were already manufacturing products for major industry leaders and our first consumer product was awarded by Sound & Vision.


Currently, we have the capability and technology to deliver over 60 designs in eight weeks and custom solutions in less than 16 weeks.


Our portfolio of products range from handheld devices to digital medical products and our partners range in size from SME to MNC.

About Our Process

Design Drawing

  • Contact

    Our journey begins with your initial contact. You send us your product idea and design to us for review.


    Our teams, from sales to engineering, will collaborate to review your drawing and clarify the project’s specifications.

  • Advice

    With our 20 years of experience, we’ll always find more efficient ways to manufacture your project and advise you with options.

  • Quotation

    After we collaborate with your team, we will update the design and send you a detailed quotation with production unit projections.

Moulding Design

  • Engineer Design

    Typically, we will send you a engineering design file within 1 week for your team to review and to confirm details.

  • Materials

    Each unique projects always come with its own set of materials. We always advise our clients on requested materials and offer viable options.

  • Techniques

    We’re always analyzing the specifications of your project to improve production techniques to improve quality.

  • Production

    Once we collaborate with you, we will provide an accurate production forecast and continually update your team on our progress.

Ongoing Discovery

  • Communication

    We’re always communicating with our partners on our progress and trade ideas on increasing production efficiency.

  • Development

    As you develop your product, we’ll always be on your side. whether it’s hardware or software improvements, we’ll help you roll out your updates.

  • Migration

    Labor costs can measure from 10 ~ 15% of your manufacturing costs. We’ll always give you options and best timing to migrate production to lower costs.

  • Quality

    The quality of the product is important to all stakeholders along the value chain and especially to us. We always test and make sure that each and every product is delivered for optimal performance.